About Me

“After training at the elite level in a physically demanding sport for 10 years, the importance of body awareness, fluidity and recovery is higher than ever for me.  Helen has enabled my body to relax, move and perform in an otherwise very intense environment.  I can honestly say that I would not have made it to the Olympics this year without her. Helen is very intuitive when it comes to tailoring sessions to specific needs.  She has an uncanny ability to combine exercises that not only immediately alleviate problem areas but also improve activation and patterning for ongoing efficiency and improved strength.”

Victoria Brown
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Women’s Water Polo

A rider from childhood, Helen has many years of competitive riding experience.

Equipoise draws together her expertise in, and love of, both Pilates and classical riding.

Helen has Contributed to Dressage Today Magazine and Equestrian Life Magazine.
Helen Fletcher

  • Founder and principal instructor of Equipoise Pilates and Movement Education
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Australian Pilates Method Level 4 Professional Practitioner
  • Testt Practitioner 
  • Franklin Method
  • Art of Motion Slings Myofascial Training Student
  • 28 years personal practice and over 15 years professional teaching experience, ranging from post-acute rehabilitation to conditioning for sport.
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