To be successful leaders of the partnership we have with our horses we need to develop the athleticism, dynamic stability, suppleness and balance we require of them.

Whether you are a competitive or leisure rider, cross training and fitness as an integral part of your routine will not only help your body to withstand the rigours of riding, but also complement and enhance your horse’s performance.
Riders require dynamic alignment and adaptability, supple dynamic strength, balance, co-ordination.

Equipoise Pilates and Movement Education

  • Improves dynamic stability, suppleness and spinal health.

  • Is movement education that has the capacity to change postural imbalances, improve muscular asymmetries and increase movement efficiency.

  • Improves proprioception and kinaesthetic awareness, enhancing ‘feel’ and enabling you to be more in tune with the finer control of your body to promote a more harmonious partnership between you and your horse.

  • Aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation after injury.

  • Eases the transition when returning to riding.

  • Can improve everything from contact issues to difficulties with sitting trot.


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