Welcome to Equipoise Pilates for Equestrians.

“The horse cannot go better than the rider will allow”
Charles de Kunffy

To be succesful leaders of the partnership we have with our horses we need to develop the athleticismsuppleness and balance we require of them.


Riders need:

  • balance, co-ordination and endurance
  • a strong dynamically stabilised centre
  • an even balance of strength and flexibility throughout the body
  • a well aligned spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle.

A dynamically stabilised centre supports the spine and allows the limbs to move independently – this is fundamentally the independent seat.

The posture we have off our horses is mirrored when we are riding. This, along with our strength, flexibility, mobility and balance can enhance or hinder riding performance.


  • strengthens, stretches, mobilises and elongates
  • doesn’t build bulky muscles that inhibit movement
  • teaches awareness, focus and control
  • re-educates the way we move, changing postural imbalances and muscular assymetries

It takes us over time to a state of balance, to Equipoise.

Taking the time to develop an awareness of your body and a mindful approach to movement  helps  to develop a deeper connection to your horse and his body promoting a more harmonious partnership .

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Lyn B. and Ballawindsor with Helen Fletcher of Equipoise Pilates.