“Pilates has been a terrific help to me with my riding. I have become more supple, with greater poise and I am better able to identify, isolate and correct different parts of my body. Also, I receive clearer feedback from and make a better connection with the horse. I believe that through this connection with the horse we have far greater harmony, lightness and more enjoyment.This is the missing link that I have been looking for! I highly recommend Equipoise Pilates to anyone keen on improving their riding.”


“I am a mother of four in my mid 50′s and returned to riding 3 years ago after a 25 year break. Recently, a combination of old injuries, years of desk work, and a long daily commute left me with lower back problems that began to severly impact my riding. I had been doing a form of Yoga and Pilates at home, via DVD, for many years, but my first studio session with Helen made me realise what I had been missing. Helen’s individual assessment and tailored exercise program has meant that my specific area of weakness, lack of flexibility and asymmetry can be targeted and addressed. After only one studio session this translated into an immediate improvement in my suppleness and softness in the saddle. I am now a complete convert to the benefit of Pilates for equestrians, and I am thoroughly impressed by Helen’s sensitivity, skill, and deep understanding of biomechanics, pilates and classical equitation. My riding fitness is improving, and with it my ability to be soft, supple and correct. My horse is responding with less resistence, more softness, and more relaxed and swinging movement. Thank you Helen for giving me my riding back!”

Dr Julie F.

“After training at the elite level in a physically demanding sport for 10 years, the importance of body awareness, fluidity and recovery is higher than ever for me.  Helen has enabled my body to relax, move and perform in an otherwise very intense environment.  I can honestly say that I would not have made it to the Olympics this year without her. Helen is very intuitive when it comes to tailoring sessions to specific needs.  She has an uncanny ability to combine exercises that not only immediately alleviate problem areas but also improve activation and patterning for ongoing efficiency and improved strength.”

Victoria Brown
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Women’s Water Polo

After reading Helen’s article on Pilates for dressage riders in American Dressage Today Magazine, I was excited to discover she was Australian, lived in Melbourne and it was possible to have some Pilates sessions with her. Helen’s perceptive insight into the subtleties of Pilates and its application to Dressage riding has enriched both my personal practice as well as my teaching. Issues I had been struggling with in my riding are resolving as I practice Helen’s exercises; my legs are becoming longer and more relaxed, hands softer and shoulders stabilised. It has been rewarding to share that knowledge with other Pilates students and riders. Helen is a delight and trips to Melbourne are planned around sessions with her.

Kate Zimmerman
Pilates Instructor and Dressage enthusiast

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