Setting Goals and Intentions plus my article for Dressage Today Magazine July 2013

As we look forward to 2015 we naturally begin to think about our intentions, dreams and Goals for the year ahead. Whether they are large or small, most of us want to be the best that we can be.

My summer break is always spent doing as much Pilates as possible, which seems ridiculous for someone who teaches Pilates as their career! I find though when I am teaching a lot I can usually find the time to fit in 3 good sessions a week, so having the opportunity to do a daily practice of the Mat work wherever I am over summer is an absolute treat. It reconnects me to my body, makes me feel fantastic, and the meditative quality to the work really helps me, strangely, without thinking about it too much, make my plans for the year ahead. The more I focus on my body and movement the more my mind clears and the clarity that comes from that is real and true.

I believe so strongly in rider fitness and spinal health and safety. I urge everyone to do even one thing per day to improve your suppleness, strength, fitness and flexibility, just 5 minutes per day really does make a difference!

There are a number of articles on my Website that have exercises on them, or previous Blog Posts that can be accessed.

But to kick of your year with the best of intentions to develop a deeper connection to your body and to your horse I wanted to share my article that I  wrote for Dressage Today Magazine that was published in July 2013.

So here’s to looking back at this article to inspire you to look forward with conviction and commitment to your riding and health goals for 2015.

I loved planning, practicing and writing this article!


Please click on the link below.

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