Take a mindful approach to your rider fitness training.

Mind-Body pursuits like Pilates help us develop more than a strong core, improved posture, suppleness and greater flexibility.

They take us to a deeper level of understanding within our bodies, from how they move and function to how they fluctuate and change on a daily basis. I believe this builds respect for our bodies, the cornerstone of good health and self-care.

This deeper self-knowledge easily translates to our sensitivity to our horses, their needs and physical changes and challenges, and also to how we can improve ourselves to be better for them.

A mindful approach to movement and a deeper understanding of our bodies not only helps us to develop our health and fitness and take it to another level, it gives us the edge for influencing and improving our horses performance and simply increases our riding pleasure, and also, I am sure, our horses pleasure when we are riding them.

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