Come to your riding in a ‘state of balance’

Our bodies are designed for movement, movement is life and life is about movement.

Sadly, over time our lifestyles and our daily habits, stresses and past injuries imprint on our bodies and we become less bio-mechanically sound. We may become stiff, have pain, and or develop postural changes as a result of what we do over and over again in our average daily lives.

Certain muscles become tighter and begin to pull our bones out of alignment, others become weaker and sometimes we strengthen the wrong ones!

Our bodies begin to speak to us through pain states and dysfunction and by the time we reach this point something needs to change.

In an ideal world we would move our bodies daily in all planes and axis to strengthen, lengthen, mobilise, align and supple. We would practice mindfulness and reduce stress and tension through correct breathing and relaxation techniques so that when we sit on our horses to do what we love most our bodies will be right there with us functioning at a high level, ready and waiting to do whatever we require to ride comfortably and successfully.

The impact of our bodies on our horses movement is profound, the impact of our thoughts and mental state is also profound.How can we come to our horses and give them the best of us both physically and mentally?
Regular, daily practice of Pilates, even 10 minutes per day, can have a hugely positive effect on well-being and movement potential, so that we can come to our horses in a better state of mind and body – a state of balance – Equipoise.

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